Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I have been waiting for this day- and not because it is April Fools Day - as have many of my SU sisters, to order from the Mini's so exciting!
Have put my order in, and can't wait for it all to come (tomorrow would be good...but understand it will take a little longer than that!)
Getting stuck in today making more cards for display using the new papers and stamps - have already done some, but in the 'flow' now!
Washing, ironing, housework..............DIRTY WORDS!!! don't say or think about them today!
love Elaine xxx


  1. I just love the left overs box - not that there would be any chocolate in mine!! LOL Where did you get the template or was it one you made up yorself. IT is gorgeous. Love Terri

  2. What a great idea Elaine - I'm afarid I'm guilty of throwing it all out :( Those aren't just dirty words, they're swear words in my (messy) house lol xxx