Tuesday, 31 March 2009

No need to have worried!!

Well, was I in a panic yesterday - my first workshop and the SU parcel hadn't arrived......and then it came at around 9am and all was well!!
Everything was set up ready for people coming, but with no idea just exactly how many would turn up. Half seven, the start of the evening and only 2 people....within 10 minutes there were 12! Some new to crafting, some seasoned crafters. We were that busy that I forgot to take photos! The last people left at just before 11pm having had (I think) a really enjoyable night. I introduced my new workshops and I already have bookings for these - so all in all a really good night.
So, thankyou all for coming along and having a go with the make and takes, and also for supporting me as my 'guinea pigs' for the first workshop. I look forward to many happy hours crafting with you!
love Elaine xx

Sunday, 29 March 2009

My First Workshop.....aaahhhh!!

Panicking now, as it would appear that an order I placed almost 2 weeks ago has not arrived, and after trying to chase it up, I hear from my SU mum that some parcels have gone missing!! PANIC STATIONS!!
Well, will just have to revise my plans and re think the situation...calmly......yeah right!
So, today, in amongst my son in law tiling the bathroom, and my hubby hovering, I am going to get stuck in and create some more ideas....it will be fine I tell myself......lots of butterflies hovering in the stomach area....
So, will report back later to let you know how it all went - keep your fingers crossed!
Elaine x

Thursday, 26 March 2009

At Long Last.....

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog entry - it's taken some doing, but I got there!

Well what does one write on a blog, other than daily 'ramblings'! well, can I 'ramble' for England.....absolutely! I have read so many blogs now of various types, and they all sound absolutely fantastic with lots of info and interesting bits, but now I have come to mine, and it is like sitting with a pile of crafting things, and wondering what to make.

So, I will show a card and see what response I get - and go from there!

Usually, it is a fight to see who can get to use the computer first - hubby or me....well, it will be me from now on, and I will give him a couple of jobs to do whilst doing so - those of you who know him, know that he is a 'Mr Fix It' and makes a cracking good cuppa too, so I will find him plenty of things to occupy him!

so, thanks for reading the 'first issue' and hope you will return for the next

Elaine x