Sunday, 19 April 2009


Hi there
Hope you are enjoying this lovely Sunday morning.
I regularly go to Art from the Heart at Harrogate where the fantastic Dyan Reaveley
teaches classes (I have learnt everything I know from going!!)I really love learning all the different techniques she shows, so I thought I might have a go at home using the stamping up pads. hese are the cards I have made and I will try to describe how I did them!

I decided to go for something really bright - so I used the Pink Passion and Opulent Orchid pads. I used a piece of the white card and gently using some sponge, rubbed the ink from the pads on to the paper in different places - then made sure they merged together not leaving any lines. The next thing was to flick water onto the paper so that you get little 'droplet' marks - leave it to dry, and then cut up and use as background for your cards!

It makes a lovely effect and it is my FAVOURITE!!! I like to tear the paper and ink the edges too - hope you like them!

Elaine xxx

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  1. I love this technique you've used - it looks amazing! I'm scared to get messy when it comes to craft but with results like this, I'm tempted lol xxx