Monday, 14 December 2009

I'M BACK....

Hi everyone!
It's so lovely to be back in this cold and wet country!!

We had the most fantastic time - and I celebrated my birthday at a show called the Fantasmic Show in Disney's Hollywood was wonderful...fireworks, water displays and all the characters...just magical!! I was then dragged out and the whole auditorium (2,000 plus) sang Happy Birthday to me!!! so it was just so much fun!
And I was only poorly for 4 of the days there - and was able to sit outside in the sunshine whilst feeling dreadful!

my lovely birthday cake which hubby arranged at this fabulous Italian Restaurant..they sing Happy Birthday in sounded so lovely!
My god daughter Lauren, was just in awe...and was the giddiest Tinkerbell I have ever seen!

she is just Tinkerbell mad!!

with another favourite of hers...Daisy Duck...

Dave Lauren and me ...the trees were just fantastic!

The fireworks at Magic Kingdom were unbelievable - the castle lights changed colours all through the evening, and when the fireworks started, Tinkerbell came down a wire from the point of the castle above our heads and all the way down to the far end of the park!
the whole evening just made me so get so caught up in all the magic and excitement......still a big kid at 52!!!!
As for Crafting...haven't managed to do a thing yet...but hope to get on and do some this week, but hubby hurt his back yesterday and is in agony today, so looks like I will be helping him out, as he can hardly walk, can't drive and when he manages to sit down, he is in pain and then can't get up - he is so stubborn though and won't stay still and rest it for 24 hours.... but that's my Dave!!
Thank you all too for the lovely cards I received - all beautifully made and look lovely on my are kind!
love Elaine xx