Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Magic Key....

Hi everyone!
how is your day going? Hopefully you are inside nice and warm, away from this horrible weather with the wind and rain and storm brewing up.....horrid!!
a good time for crafting though!!
I was thinking back to when my girls were small (over 24 years ago now..) and the problem we had with our chimney and of course at Christmas, Santa needs the chimney! So, I made a special key (which you can buy all over now) and we hung it on the door and the girls were really happy with Santa could let himself in and leave the presents!!

I tried to remember what I made, but it was so long ago...anyway I decided I would use a door hanger style pouch and make a key to go in it...then it can be hung on the door!
I used the Merry Moments Christmas papers and some gold card for the key. I found a poem on the computer which with some alteration was perfect.

I so enjoyed making this and it brought back so many happy memories.

My eldest daughter Nicola called this afternoon, and when she saw it, she was so excited and wants me to make her one....she is only 27 years old!! But if I make her one, then Helen my youngest (at 25 years old) will want one too!! Better get cracking then!!

Right, off to make the tea and hope to see you tomorrow with some little Christmas treats to hang on the tree...

Elaine xx


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  1. What a cool idea! (Bet you wish you'd patented that one!)