Saturday, 21 November 2009

Love you and leave you!!

Just a note to let you all know that I haven't abandoned you, but will be on holiday in sunny Florida for 2 weeks from Monday...and I haven't been able to get 2 weeks worth of blogs and photos ready to post, so The Idle Crafter will indeed be ....Idle!!
will restart again once back and recharged and raring to go!!
love Elaine xx


  1. Have fun on your holiday!! Hugs, from the really cold and rainy Netherlands ;)

  2. Enjoy your holiday. Hopefully we can catch up when you return. Sarah x

  3. Welcome back! Hope you're not too jet-lagged or too tanned!!

    Chris xx

  4. Hi Auntie Elaine, its Zoe.
    Glad you had a lovely holiday.
    I liked your photos with Lauren.
    Please can I enter your competition blog.