Friday, 1 May 2009

Thank you....

Hi everyone
Can I first of all say a 'huge' thank you for all the wonderful emails/texts/phone calls etc about Helen - we have all been so overwhelmed by everyone's kindness - and it is so appreciated.
She came home today, and is able to walk with a crutch, but only one as she has a pot on her left arm due to a broken hand - in a lovely shade of purple (her fave colour!!) The purple actually matches all the bruising which is almost two thirds of her body - just her shins and lower back not being hence the phrase and blue - and she certainly is! She also has alot of cuts on her face, and the bruising around her eyes is starting to come out now - that's due to the air bag. The eye surgeon said that there is no glass in her eye, but she has haemmorhaging behind the eye and she has to go back to see him on Wednesday.
We actually went past the crash site and saw the tree which she hit - no bark at the bottom, and then half way up the tree, there is a small patch with no bark and it is studded with broken glass from the windscreen. Just next to where it happened, there is a railway line too - thank goodness it didn't throw her onto that.
The Police and Fire Brigade are just stunned that she got out alive - her dad is a retired Fire Officer and he was there whilst they were cutting her out (he lives out that way so managed to get there quickly), and he was absolutely ' gobsmacked' that she didn't have more horrific injuries - the car did what it had to do and saved her life.
So, my mother is there doing her ironing - I have cleaned the house and cooked and baked for her and Adam, done the washing and hung it out - and she is resting comfortably on the settee watching CBeebies!!! (she is 25 yrs old!!) Just love her to bits!!
So, thank you again and I will post again soon
love Elaine xx
Just received a beautiful card from my lovely SU mum and sisters...Julies Jems...thank you so much - you are such a special bunch!!!


  1. I am so pleased she is home, it must be such a relif for you, Hugs to you all xxx
    Sarah-Jane xx

  2. Sounds like you're doing a superb job looking after your 'baby' girl :) Much love, Steph xxx

  3. Thinking of you all Elaine, give me a ring when you can and sending you all a virtual hug! Jules x