Sunday, 3 May 2009


Hi there.....
well the last few days have been a real rollercoaster ride - I haven't slept much and feel emotionally drained now - so I now have a chest infection as I am below par! But at least my baby is home!!
She is doing incredibly well - but looks like she has been through the wars as she is now lovely shades of purple/black/yellow and some blue! I think the euphoria of coming home has worn off and today she looked tired and pale, but I also think that is because she has had a constant stream of visitors and family looking after her, and I know from experience (having spent many weeks in hospitals and recovering at home!) that you just get exhausted from trying to smile and be cheerful. She is still smiling though and really trying hard to keep moving as she stiffens up so much - but she is a trooper! She has had so many lovely cards...and the smell of flowers in the room is gorgeous!!
A funny story mum helped on Friday by doing 3 hours of ironing for her, whilst Helen had a sleep. She put everything on hangers and took them upstairs to hang up...........Helen was so chuffed and grateful, and mum was pleased she could help..............then Helen rang me to say that she felt awful as Grandma had just ironed everything which was going to the charity shop!!!
I daren't tell her!!

Anyway, I couldn't sleep last night, well this morning so got up at 3am and made a card and then baked a cake for Helen and Adam!

Not sure about the card, as wasn't really in the mood - but a brave attempt at that time of the morning!!


  1. LOL your story made me giggle - I wouldn't have the heart to tell her either - bless :)

    Lovely card hun, as always, hugs Steph xxx

  2. This is a gorgeous card honey! I am still laughing at your story! Your poor mum! lol

    Siobhan xx