Sunday, 17 May 2009


Hi everyone
I have really missed doing my blog over these past couple of weeks - I feel I have missed out on so much..but will now be on top of this and will be able to post every day! Thankfully, things at this end have started to settle down now. Helen is doing so much better - still bruised and sore, but getting about much more than she was. I have been at my brother's in Berkshire for a week and didn't really want to leave her, but she has had lots of people helping her out, and to be honest, the few days away with Dave has been a tonic!

Thank you all for your lovely cards you sent me - I have just been so overwhelmed by people's know who you are, and I appreciate the good wishes more than you will ever know!
I have made this card below several times in different papers and colours - needed to do a quick one to send to a member of the family - but couldn't get in the went for the 'old faithful'!
have a good day!
Elaine xxx


  1. Hi there glad things have started to settle down, Hugs SarahB X