Sunday, 29 March 2009

My First Workshop.....aaahhhh!!

Panicking now, as it would appear that an order I placed almost 2 weeks ago has not arrived, and after trying to chase it up, I hear from my SU mum that some parcels have gone missing!! PANIC STATIONS!!
Well, will just have to revise my plans and re think the situation...calmly......yeah right!
So, today, in amongst my son in law tiling the bathroom, and my hubby hovering, I am going to get stuck in and create some more will be fine I tell myself......lots of butterflies hovering in the stomach area....
So, will report back later to let you know how it all went - keep your fingers crossed!
Elaine x


  1. Just what you need! *fingers crossed* good luck hun xxx

  2. Mine was on the same "lost" pallet and it arrived today, so do hope yours has.

    I've tagged you - look on my blog x
    Anne x

  3. Hope it went well. I've tagged you, go to your 4th photo folder and post your 4th photo on your blog!