Thursday, 26 March 2009

At Long Last.....

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog entry - it's taken some doing, but I got there!

Well what does one write on a blog, other than daily 'ramblings'! well, can I 'ramble' for England.....absolutely! I have read so many blogs now of various types, and they all sound absolutely fantastic with lots of info and interesting bits, but now I have come to mine, and it is like sitting with a pile of crafting things, and wondering what to make.

So, I will show a card and see what response I get - and go from there!

Usually, it is a fight to see who can get to use the computer first - hubby or me....well, it will be me from now on, and I will give him a couple of jobs to do whilst doing so - those of you who know him, know that he is a 'Mr Fix It' and makes a cracking good cuppa too, so I will find him plenty of things to occupy him!

so, thanks for reading the 'first issue' and hope you will return for the next

Elaine x


  1. Wooo hoooo, well done, welcome to blogland! Jules x

  2. Yay - welcome to Blogland Elaine!! Just a warning - it's highly addictive & very time consuming so I think 'Mr Fix It' will have to be kept very busy indeed LOL *hugs* Steph xxx